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End of year excursion, nature excursion or Class Building...
We welcome you and your students on many occasions to share memorable moments in the company of harrowing witches and valiant knights.


The Spell

What better way to get to know your classmates and the principles of collaboration than by going out in the great outdoors with your class?

To the rhythm of the highlights of the school year, the Spell offers a series of "school days" with variations of our medieval fantasy treasure hunt depending on the period.

The Spell is located in the first Urban Forest of Brussels: teachers will find practical support there for environmental study or nature-focused classes!

The treetop adventure course is a sporty activity where you follow a path several meters above the ground.

Cross monkey bridges, take giant steps and launch yourself on a zip line, enjoy the height in complete safety, under the watchful eyes of our cheerful woodcutter!

Class Building (in September & October)

Not unlike a Team Building, the Class Building is an activity that brings teachers and students together, to live a great adventure that aims to build strong group cohesion and prepare the class to overcome future school challenges together!

  • Focus: cooperation, group cohesion, coordination games, team spirit...
  • The advantages: the class is united all day long, more support from the staff, low density on the course (little interference with other groups).
  • Ideal to do at the beginning of the year, to discover yourself and build relationships in class!

opening hours

Special dates for schools during the week, from 9am to 3.30pm : check the calendar.

Other dates in mind ? Contact us! !


Adjust your day the way you want it to be!

  • Introduction by an emblematic character upon your arrival (20 minutes)
  • Adventure (minimum 4 hours)
  • Picnic or snack
  • Ending ceremony (20 minutes before you leave)


From 0 to 99 years old

Treetop adventure course starting at ± 8 years old / 3rd grade

Minimum 1 adult per group of 10 children


The Spell Adventure12,50 € / person

Combination The Spell + Treetop adventure18 € / person

Children less than 4 years oldFree