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Armed with a scroll, your common sense and your two legs, jump in our brand new adventure !

Okay, but what exactly is Sortilège ?

Sortilège is first and foremost a game, for young and old, to be experienced with family and/or friends, to celebrate a birthday, to come with your class, as a team building activity or even to celebrate a bachelor/bachelorette party.

At the entrance of the park, you will be greeted by a fantastic character, who will explain how the game works: he/she will give you a Quest, which varies according to the season (see the page "The Game").

You form your team (as many as 2, and you are a team!), you then choose your team name and the character will give you a map, a parchment and a backpack with the necessary tools for your adventure. The route is vast, and during your quest, you will have to solve puzzles and win challenges.

As you walk through this urban forest, you will meet other fantastic characters who will talk about the quest through riddles or challenges. Each point on the route that you solve gives you a new clue as to where to go next.

If you win challenges, you will receive a number of beans.
At the end of the journey, you must have a minimum number of beans to receive your letter of nobility. Each letter of nobility contains a character, which will be useful on your next visit.


When you arrive, you are greeted by a fantastic character of the Vale who will test your courage, your intellect and the honesty of your intentions, while you participate in one of the quests.

The Game

For about 3 hours, you will become characters of the story: Barbarian, Goblin, Fairy, Princess... and will face joyful but enigmatic characters along your journey in the Meanders of the Valley, in full ascent of the the Gnomes Slope or even beyond the Stinking Swamps.

A map in hand, you'll have to solve puzzles and overcome challenges to complete your quest.

Each puzzle will lead you to a clue, which will give you a little bit of history and, after some thought, will tell you where to go to find the next clue.

At the end of the quest, depending on your merits, you will receive your letter of nobility !


The game and the options

An epic crossing in the trees (treetop) or a character who accompanies you in your adventure for more realism (birthday, burning panties, team building ...)?
We fulfill your wishes!


treetop adventure course

Tree climbing is a sporty option that invites you to climb trees and pass obstacles several meters above the ground. A must for the fearless!



A character accompanies your group for more magic throughout your quest. Authentic and joyful, it will not fail to make you dream during your adventure!


the tavern

For your event, lunch or snack, book a table at the Tavern of the Pierced Barrel!

the ranks

Different quests will allow you to acquire a new title of nobility with each visit !



From Saturday 13 April to Sunday 22 May and from Tuesday 17 August to Saturday 17 September


Fear! Fear has taken hold of the kingdom. Everyone is talking about it...

The kingdom's coat of arms has disappeared... Our sacred horse Hyperion has been petrified. And with him, all the blood of the kingdom has turned to ice. No one can enjoy a good night's ride in the village anymore.

Everyone is suspicious of everyone else...

The threat is there: who will be the next to be petrified?

Only intrepid knights will dare to venture into our kingdom to find out what is going on, and thus reassure our inhabitants and convince them to return to the village. Perhaps the coat of arms is hidden somewhere?

Make haste. This climate of fear and latent mistrust is unbearable!

Prince Theobald



From Tuesday 12 July to Sunday 14 August and all school days in 2022


Have you heard it too?

The rumour has been going around for a long time and it turns out to be true.
The kingdom's coffers are empty. We are bankrupt!

Our kingdom is threatened to close its doors and no longer welcome our intrepid adventurers. But we have decided, all together, to stick together.

And to learn again, following the example of our late Robin Hood, to share our wealth as best we can and to replenish the kingdom's coffers. It is a whole system that must be reinvented and for that once again we call upon you, faithful adventurers.

Only you will be able to save us and help us collect and make magic out of all the beans that are found in the four corners of the kingdom.

So come and rub shoulders with our trials and tribulations, and together let us save the spell.

And let us restore joy and harmony! We count on you.

Ulrik the Bard



From Thursday 26 May to Sunday 10 July and from Saturday 24 September to Sunday 16 October


Helmut, the sacred tree of the kingdom is in danger.

Its roots are beginning to lose strength, and its leaves are turning yellow...

Fortunately the legend was true.

Jehan the benevolent, royal archer, has received confirmation: the elves have returned to the kingdom, to honour their alliance and to care for the sacred tree they planted here thousands of years ago...

Come and discover this unique and mysterious people, benevolent and respectful!
Come and help us to heal our link with our sacred tree, and through it, with all living things.

A real opportunity to enjoy a magical moment out of time.

We need your help!
Come quickly!

Anaërio the Elf



Monday 17 October to Sunday 6 November


Once again the Beguine Wood Valley, the territory of the Kingdom of Spell, is in great danger.

The terrible Red Witch, the wandering and evil witch, has cast a powerful spell on our Kingdom.

If we do not act, we will be doomed to an extremely harsh and endless winter. Will spring not return? The song of the birds and the sweet smell of the daisies would be nothing but old memories that we would tell our children by the fire, wrapped in our blanket.

But if you can find the ingredients for the potion and the magic formula, the kingdom and all its inhabitants will be saved from the evil plan of the Red Witch!

Are you brave enough to take on this challenge?
I will guide you...

Igor the Royal Spectre

a unique activity: zero co2 emissions, respectful and sustainable 

In the heart of the first Urban Forest of Brussels!


the urban forest

The urban forest fulfills several functions that benefit the environment. True lung of the city, it offers more biodiversity, wild fauna and flora. It regulates soil erosion, acts as an air filter and collects micro-dust from major highways and industrial areas. It also acts as an acoustic shield against ring noise.

The City of Brussels has carried out an ambitious project, at Val du Bois des Béguines, probably the largest green space plantation project of this decade.


val du bois des béguines

In 2013, the Val du Bois des Béguines underwent major transformation work aimed at making it the first urban forest in Brussels.
Little by little, the Val becomes a 40ha forest massif sheltering more than 15,000 trees including 20 species of native trees and 8 species of fruit trees. The species were chosen according to the relief and the nature of the soil in order to promote biodiversity and ensure a balanced development of the flora. There are populations almost extinct in Belgium such as black poplar (replanted en masse) but also fields, meadows, marshes and conservatory orchards.

the adventure

the spell