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Armed with a scroll, your common sense and your two legs, jump in our brand new adventure !

Discover new challenges taking place in new locations such as the Dragonfly Well, the Elves' Den or the Meanders of the Valley, and gain new ranks in 2020!


When you arrive, you are greeted by a fantastic character of the Vale who will test your courage, your intellect and the honesty of your intentions, while you participate in one of the quests.

The Game

For about 3 hours, you will become characters of the story: Barbarian, Goblin, Fairy, Princess... and will face joyful but enigmatic characters along your journey in the Meanders of the Valley, in full ascent of the the Gnomes Slope or even beyond the Stinking Swamps.

A map in hand, you'll have to solve puzzles and overcome challenges to complete your quest.

Each puzzle will lead you to a clue, which will give you a little bit of history and, after some thought, will tell you where to go to find the next clue.

At the end of the quest, depending on your merits, you will receive your letter of nobility as Archer of the Kingdom of the Vale.


The game and the options

An epic crossing in the trees (treetop) or a character who accompanies you in your adventure for more realism (birthday, burning panties, team building ...)?
We fulfill your wishes!


treetop adventure course

Tree climbing is a sporty option that invites you to climb trees and pass obstacles several meters above the ground. A must for the fearless!



A character accompanies your group for more magic throughout your quest. Authentic and joyful, it will not fail to make you dream during your adventure!


the tavern

For your event, lunch or snack, book a table at the Tavern of the Pierced Barrel!

the ranks

Different quests will allow you to acquire a new title of nobility with each visit!



Until Tuesday 29 June and from Wednesday 11 August to Sunday 29 August


The royal archer Jehan the Benevolent is desperate at court... His son, Joaquim the First, was kidnapped by a band of looters.

His escort was decimated, the thieves seemed well informed and very prepared. They ask Jehan the Benevolent for a ransom that he will not be able to pay, as it is so considerable.

Help him find the place where his son is being held, beware of everyone, these brigands must have had spies in the Kingdom to know where and how to proceed.

Only a discreet and pure-hearted archer can free young Joaquim from the trap that has been set for him.
Jehan needs you.
You are the last hope of the Kingdom!

Jehan the Benevolent



From Saturday 3 July to Sunday 18 July and from Saturday 4 September to Sunday 19 September


The blades sparkle in the rays of the sun. The wrestlers accelerate the pace. One of them multiplies the learned boots, the feints, forces his adversary to take back several steps. Guillaume adorns with skill, suddenly steps aside, pushes a crusader to his side.

Suddenly his right foot slips, the sword plunges into his neck, crosses the throat, crashes into the ground. Thus dies, in a month, the fourth knight of the county of Neder. All of them, like Guillaume, were under the age of twenty, all full of strength and energy.

I, Theobald, Lord and Prince of the Sortilege, are tired of seeing my knights gutting themselves all day long. Of course knowing how to fight is important, but as of today, I will only accept as knight those who have passed the "Honorable Oath".

If your human qualities are great and you accept to pass the tests of "the Honorable Oath", you will become Knight of the Kingdom of Sortilege

Prince Theobald



From Tuesday 20 July to Sunday 8 August and from Saturday 25 September to Sunday 17 October


I address you, intrepid travelers who cross this region.

I beg for your help to save the balance of this wonderful place. The source of the magic of the Kingdom of which I am the guardian is in the process of going out of whack and even dying out, and if nobody does anything, it will disappear forever!

The consequences for mages and witches and all magical beings in the Kingdom will be terrible. The sweet flight of the fairies could be an old memory if we don't act quickly.

Come help us restore the magical balance of the Kingdom.
We are waiting for you with a firm foot and wand.

Hurry up!

Sparagus the Mage



From Saturday 23 October to Sunday 7 November


Once more, the Vale, territory of the Kingdom of the Spell, is in great danger.

The terrible Red XWtch, the wandering and evil witch, has cast a powerful spell on our Kingdom.

If we do not act, we will be doomed to an extremely harsh and endless winter.
Will spring ever return ?
The song of the birds and the sweet scent of the daisies would become old memories that we would be telling our children by the fireplace, bundled up in our blanket.

But if you manage to combine the ingredients and the magic formula to concoct the counter-spell potion, the Kingdom and all its inhabitants will be saved from the witch's evil plan.

Are you brave enough to take up this challenge?
I will be able to guide you...

Igor The royal Wraith

a unique activity: zero co2 emissions, respectful and sustainable 

In the heart of the first Urban Forest of Brussels!


the urban forest

The urban forest fulfills several functions that benefit the environment. True lung of the city, it offers more biodiversity, wild fauna and flora. It regulates soil erosion, acts as an air filter and collects micro-dust from major highways and industrial areas. It also acts as an acoustic shield against ring noise.

The City of Brussels has carried out an ambitious project, at Val du Bois des Béguines, probably the largest green space plantation project of this decade.


val du bois des béguines

In 2013, the Val du Bois des Béguines underwent major transformation work aimed at making it the first urban forest in Brussels.
Little by little, the Val becomes a 40ha forest massif sheltering more than 15,000 trees including 20 species of native trees and 8 species of fruit trees. The species were chosen according to the relief and the nature of the soil in order to promote biodiversity and ensure a balanced development of the flora. There are populations almost extinct in Belgium such as black poplar (replanted en masse) but also fields, meadows, marshes and conservatory orchards.

the adventure

the spell