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Ready for the adventure?

Psssssst the adventurers!

This summer come enjoy the sun at Sortilè


  • Open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11am to 5pm (10.30am for the plains and associations)

  • For schools, it is already time to plan your end of year school-trip

A fantasy medieval adventure game, an experience with zero CO2 emission, zero plastic, 100% fun!

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Live the Quest of the Archer
From Monday 17 October to Sunday 6 November

Once again the Beguine Wood Valley, the territory of the Kingdom of Spell, is in great danger.

The terrible Red Witch, the wandering and evil witch, has cast a powerful spell on our Kingdom.

If we do not act, we will be doomed to an extremely harsh and endless winter. Will spring not return? The song of the birds and the sweet smell of the daisies would be nothing but old memories that we would tell our children by the fire, wrapped in our blanket.

But if you can find the ingredients for the potion and the magic formula, the kingdom and all its inhabitants will be saved from the evil plan of the Red Witch!

Are you brave enough to take on this challenge?
I will guide you...


Igor the Royal Spectre


Mage - Page d'accueil

Rumors are flying around the kingdom, we've heard about you, proud adventurers

Discover the quest of the moment: Minstrel


An additional adventure with our tree climbing option

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