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Treetop adventure course

The treetop adventure course is a sporty option that takes you up the trees and over obstacles several meters above the ground.
A must for the fearless!

when you come to sortilè, you can choose to combine the sortilège adventure with the treetop adventure course.

  • Minimum size required: 1,50m arms raised, i.e. ± 7-8 years.
  • For the general public:
    At the reception, you choose the Treetop Adventure Course.
    This adventure is added to the Sortilège Adventure (about 3h). You will spend ± 1 hour on the Accrobranche course, while doing the Sortilège Adventure.
  • For groups, schools, holiday camps, companies, etc.:
    When making your reservation on the website, select the ticket "Aventure Accrobranche" in your order form.
  • As part of a gym class, it is also possible to do only the treetop adventure course with the exceptional opening for your class:
    • On request only: contact us at to book your slot (mandatory)
    • Starting at 3rd grade primary school

the quest tree climbing

It's just another morning in the Kingdom of Sortilège.
Birds are chirping, children are running around, witches are at their cauldron, mages are waving their wands... Everything is looking good and yet...

And yet a great disaster happened last night as the ceremony to honour the founding fathers of the Kingdom is about to begin. Brigands have ransacked the memorial headstones and tombs of the founding kings.

It's a real massacre, everything is upside down and nobody remembers who was king of which tribe. Gribald, the guardian of the Kingdom has lost his memory, he doesn't know either.

It's a disaster... And to tell the truth: it could put the Kingdom in danger.

This is why we call upon you, adventurers, to find the names of the tribes, the names of the three kings and put everything back in order... We have kept this tragic event secret, for the moment, so as not to create chaos in the Kingdom, so we also count on your discretion when accomplishing your mission.

We need your help.
Yes, you! So that at the next full moon, we can celebrate our founding fathers with dignity. And thus, honor our ancestors and keep the harmony between the tribes of Sortilège alive.

We are waiting for you!

the adventure!